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Globians Film Festival

The "Globians Doc Fest" collection features a selection of films, documentaries and videos from the annual Globians Doc Fest Berlin world & culture documentary film festival". The festival series took place from 2005 until 2013 in Berlin and various other German cities.

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Globians Film Festival
by Dan Hubp
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Presented at Globians Film Festival 2006 -- Globians film Festival 2006 was proud to present the new film by Dan Hubp: "Not This War" is the story of one woman's accelerating spiral in the face of events that challenge her every belief. In a society where the ideal of honor, duty and sacrifice stand without question, Dorothy's only hope for herself and her tow sons, lies in her willful conviction to take matters into her own hands. -- Please check out Dan Hubp's documentary "Me...
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Topics: Globians world and culture documentary archive, Globians, documentary, USA, Vietnam, Vietnam War,...
Globians Film Festival
by Julien Peuble
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Presented at Globians Film Festival 2005: 2001 : in the heart of Paris, a new construction is being built in a garden, amongs the great stone buildings of the city. This donation of Japan, made in wood, earth and paper will be hosting the act of sharing tea, across cultures & boundaries. « It is made to last for a long time », says the architect Mister Masao NAKAMURA. -- Please visit the official film website at (there is also a guest book to gather opinions and feedback).
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Topics: Globians world and culture documentary archive, Globians Film Festival 2005, Globians, documentary,...
Globians Film Festival
by Nir Shelter
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From the collection of Globians Film Festival 2007: The circle of life embodied in symbolic ice.
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Topics: Animation, Short, Mini Movies, Experimental